Thank you for your interests in 3rd Eye Graffikz. We value and appreciate all of our customers and it is our goal to take care of you as a customer, too! It is important to us to provide a quality product at an affordable price. Please know that this is your product and we are merely the instrument to facilitate your conceptions. Feel comfortable in letting us know your sincere thoughts.  

  --In Him


Important Information

1. All of the information provided is subject to change, may vary, and may include hidden or additional fees. 3rd Eye Graffikz can only take responsibility for internal services and features.

2. There is no html coding. We are more website creators than builders; therefore, we use the template that is available through our hosts. We are not responsible, nor have any control for technical glitches that may, will, and do occur in their system. They do have online customer service for technical issues, which vary based upon the type of package you have.

3. The information presented in the FAQs is meant to give an overview of an approximation of products and services offered internal and externally. It is not meant to represent the totality of any circumstance.

4. 3rd Eye Graffikz will use the work done for you as advertisement to market our work; which in turns becomes advertisement for you. Additionally, anyone interested in acquiring your work will be referred to you.  

Cost Review

There are separate internal and external costs related to building a website. There is the cost to build the website, there is a cost for the builder of the website and there is a cost to maintain the website. We strive to keep all these factors either at a minimum or no cost, at all. Yes, it is possible to have a quality website with no other costs than our costs to build, otherwise referenced as “internal”. We use Webs.com as your host because their basic/starter package is free to you on a monthly basis--with limitations... There is limited amount of space and bandwidth. However, I have seen many website function successfully on a free package and/or the smallest upgrade. Based upon what your intent is I will give you my best recommendation for a package to suit your needs.

We use 1and1.com as a recommended domain provider or one is included with WEBS in the enhanced package (highly recommended). If you have a domain name currently that is over 60 days old, then there is a small process you will need to complete for us to attach to your new website. In order to attach a domain name you must have at least the minimal package. 

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