Poetic Expression

Still A Way


but not stirred...


but undeterred...


beyond a word...


If unheard?

The cost was made,

the price was paid,

the blood was shed,

the tears were bleed.

Salvation is mine and free to all.

No need to deed, heed the call.

Behold the lamb. The morning star...

He takes us naked and as we are...

...Dirty. He saves all, not some.

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I Said A Prayer

I said a prayer for many years aged

Emersed in despair, and inconceivable wage

with abundance of endurance, faith unfeigned

Through recidivisms of sorrow, the prayer remained

Affectionately cast beyond limitless sky

Ne'er did I bargain nor did I ask why

As storms raged with contemptful desdain

with unyielding faith I endured the pain

the angst, the woes, the worries, the years

the trials, tribulations, the turmoil, the tears

The fears of fate, with the yearning to know

if providence punishes or preceeds growth

My hope fast fleeting as to no avail

My heart was heavy, but my soul was well...

Cause all that I am greater is He

Jehovah Jireh, Shalom, Rapha, Nessi

Soverign God: Omnipresent and Omniscient

His mercies immeasurable and His grace--sufficient

His orders my steps, though I ask and I pray

the comfort is knowing that He leads the way

The Road I Took

The paths of promise before me lay

Guides and guise provided a way

Clearly were signs foretold to be ware

Yet, I was determined to do what most dare

The mires there did anxiously wait

Leering and jeering deciding my fate

But embracing my will, my fears I shook

and traveled down the road I took

Swift and strong my strides I paced

were matchless for what storms I faced

Yet, an empty vessel restore once heard

the reassurance of ageless words....

In life if lost and lonely you feel

and aimlessly you wander--just stand still

be thoughtful what things first to seek

then desire and aspire for higher peaks

Now onward still towards destiny

I'm not by God where I use to be

with the eyes of wisdom I now can look

if not but for the road I took

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