It is a requirement that every new consumer read the FAQs.


  1. What services are offered with the basic website package?

    All services are negotiable. The minimal services of the basic package will include providing you the assistance to build the website that YOU want, monitor your website for 30 days, and provide you technical support for the first week of acclimation. 

    Long-term support is available at an additional monthly cost.

  2. What features are included in the basic website package?

    The basic website package will range between 10 and 15 pages. The pages are based upon your individual needs; however, options that are available to you are webstores, blogs, open forums, testimonials, guestbooks, audio podcasts, videos, member sections, and more. 

    The key is making these features work for you. For example, the audio podcasts can be used to make feature sermonettes or devotions. 

    Additionally, included is the ability to track statistics and activity on your site. 

    There is more, you will also receive your own mobile app for use with any device with a mobile browser. 

    Limitations may apply to all features. For an accurate understand of what is included please visit our host at www.webs.com and click on pricing.

  3. Are there external features that we use?

    Absolutely. We suggest using your own domain name. Nothing says, "I'm a professional business" more than [email protected] domain name, which will also include at least one matching email address for the host that we use. 

    Also, jib-jab videos are a clever, unique way to have a little fun.

    Additionally, talking head type of video are a must to elevate the sophistication of any website.

    All of these features are paid for to an external provider and most on an annual basis (jib-jab not is a one time fee.)

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  1. What type of fees am I looking at?

    We use this particular host because their basic package is free to you on a monthly basis--with limitations... There is limited amout of space and bandwith. However, I have seen many website function successfully on a free package or the smallest upgrade.

    In order to attach a domain name you must have at least the minimal package. A basic or starter package monthly is $5. And domain names cost about $11.00 a year for a .com

    All fees are subject to change. 

  2. What is the cost to 3rd Eye Graffikz?

    Third Eye Graffikz costs start at $400 for the starter package and $50. a month for basic monitoring and maintenance. 

    Thereafter the cost increases for a mutually agreeable fee.

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Getting Started

  1. How do we get the process started?

    For me to complete your website, first, read the FAQs. Second, identify how you want your website to appear--functions, features... Gather your photos, videos, music, and written information. Create a gmail account (optional but beneficial). Create a drop box mail account. Create a PayPal account. 

    For me to get started, we need to discuss the aforementioned and agree upon a direction. Once you pay your initial down payment the process will begin. Once all monies have been renedered you will be given access to all log-in and password information.

    Throughout the process, we will need to be in constant communication to get the work done. If at the discretion of 3rd Eye Graffikz progress and communication falters by the purchaser, you will be notified in writing that your account will be suspended and a minimal $5 fee will be accessed to begin the process again. In the event services do not begin again, no monies will be returned, at the discretion of 3rd Eye Graffikz. 

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  1. What do I really need to understand?

    Our favorite question:

    1. All of the information provided is subject to change, may vary, and may include hidden or additional fees. 3rd Eye Graffikz can only take responsibility for internal services and features. 

    2. There is no html coding. We are more website creators than builders; therefore, we use the template that is available through our hosts. We are not  responsible, nor have any control for technical glitches that may, will, and do occur in their system. They do have online customer service for technical issues, which vary based upon the type of package you have. 

    3. The information presented in the FAQs ismeant to give an overview of an approximation of products and services offered internal and externally. It is not meant to represent the totality of any circumstance. 

  2. What happens to my work once were finished?

    3rd Eye Graffikz will use the work we've done for you as advertisement for to market our work; which in turns becomes advertisement for you. Additionally, anyone interested in acquiring your work will be referred to you, at a minimal fee.  Just Kidding... No fee, just a courtesy...

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